Hotel, Mall and Circuit

"OneStop Entertainment MotorSports"
With existence of  Opportunity of  area  business, 
we  making  bold  to  offer  an  Compatible concept in Province  RIAU - INDONESIA
general  and specially city in PEKANBARU.
The Concept  relate to  All MotorSports [automotive]
for  the  Hotel,  Mall  and  Circuit [multy functions] in  form Concept:
“ OneStop Entertainment MotorSports ”

With supporter facility:
          Convention Hall
          Swimming Pool
          Fitnesh Center Spa and
          R2 [Motorcycle All brand]
          R4 [Car All brand]
          Speed Shop R2 and of R4
          Café, Billyard, Live Music
          Clinic, Dispensary open 24 hour
CIRCUIT [multy events]
R2 :                                   R4 :
 - Race Motorcycle              - Race Car
 - Slalom Motorcycle           - Drag Race
 - Drag Bike                        - Slalom Car
 - Safety Riding                    - Driffting
 - Motocross                        - ATV
 - Super  Motto                    - Gokart
 - etc                                    - Gokart OffRoad
                                            - OffRoad Car 
                                            - OffRoad Racing  
                                            - etc
Race above Championship of Local Area And Championship of  Level  can National or Region ASEAN.
And some area alternative of  is  effort  able  to  be done by  the  location,  among  others :
          - Automotive Games
          - Safety Driving & Riding Training
          - Test Drive Car & Bike
          - Workshops
          - Exhibitions Outdoor
          - Concert Music Outdoor
          - Institute Education of is Non Formal    
          - etc

Investment Proposal : 5 picture 3D Site Plan early from Hotel, Mall and Circuit to Map Land.
Estimated area need: + 15 – 20 acres,
Available Land 2 Acres my property 
[ 100 x 200 Meter ] 



2017 DAKAR Rally [2 – 14 January] PARAGUAY, BOLIVIA and ARGENTINA

2017 Route DAKAR Rally
Three Countries: 
[ 9,000 km ] 
source: Dakar.Com

Edition 39 of the Dakar [2 – 14 January 2017] will be contested in three countries. Following Paraguay, which will make its debut on the Dakar route, will be a long stay in Bolivia before the rally moves on to the mixed terrains of its most loyal South American host country, Argentina…

Unconditional travellers relish the pleasure of staring at the pages of their passports filled with new customs stamps. It is the same story for the Dakar whose long history will welcome, in 2017, a 29th host country. Paraguay's capital city Asunción will have the honour of hosting the start for the hundreds of vehicles expected. Paraguay has already gotten a taste of rally-raid action with the Desafío Guaraní. But now it will experience the thrill of the big send off and the delight of getting to offer its encouragements to the competitors for this 9,000 km journey, half of which will consist of unprecedented routes and tracks.

Following a short detour into Argentina, the rally will head towards Bolivia, for the fourth consecutive year, with a much more in depth exploration of its different regions. With five stages in Bolivia, the riders and crews will face off for example on the shores of Lake Titicaca, and will enjoy the rest day (at nearly 4,000 metres above sea level) in the highest altitude capital city in the world, La Paz.

The second week will take on an Argentinean accent of twists and turns and contrasts in terrain. This will be the ninth visit by the Dakar to Argentina. The unwavering loyalty of the country's supporters will, once again, help riders and crews reach the ultimate objective of their adventure. The third capital city on the 2017 route, Buenos Aires will host the finish of the rally for the fifth time.

Dakar Tour in Europe
- 30 April: Portugal
- 3 May: Czech Republic
- 4 May: Italy
- 10 May: Spain
- 10 May: The Netherlands
- 12 May: Poland

2017 Dakar: The calendar
- 15 May: Opening of registration
- 21-27 May: Merzouga Rally
- 15 July: Closing of registration bike/quad
- September: Competitor seminar Europe (Paris)
- 1 November: Closing of registration
- November: Competitor seminar South America
- Mid-November: Route and field presentation (Paris)
- End of November: European vehicles board for the Atlantic crossing
- End of December: Vehicles arrive in Argentina
- 30, 31 December & 1 January: administrative and technical scrutineering in Asunción (Paraguay)
- 2 - 14 January: 39th Dakar Rally Asunción-La Paz-Buenos Aires


Butir - Butir Tunjuk Ajar Budaya Melayu. [alm.H.Tenas Effendy]

Butir-Butir Tunjuk Ajar Budaya Melayu
Memilih Pemimpin

[ alm. H.Tenas Effendy ] 
Mantan Ketua Umum Lembaga Adat Melayu Riau

Kalau hendak memilih PEMIMPIN:

jangan dipilih karena duitnya
jangan dipilih karena kayanya
jangan dipilih karena sukunya
jangan dipilih karena pangkatnya

pilihlah karena budinya
pilihlah karena lakunya
pilihlah karena budi bahasanya
pilihlah karena adilnya
pilihlah karena benarnya
pilihlah karena taat setianya
pilihlah karena petuah amanahnya
pilihlah karena tenggang rasanya
pilihlah karena tegur sapanya
pilihlah karena iklas hatinya
pilihlah karena mulia ilmunya
pilihlah karena tanggung jawabnya
pilihlah karena iman takwanya
pilihlah karena lapang dadanya
pilihlah karena bijak akalnya
pilihlah karena sifat tuanya
pilih karena cergas rajinnya


My Dream Journeys Pekanbaru to Mecca by Landy

Pekanbaru to Mecca by Landy
Pekanbaru - Malaysia - Thailand - Myanmar - Bangladesh - India    
Pakistan - Iran - United Arab Emirat - Saudi Arabia
20,000 Kilometers


DBS - NUS Social Venture Challenge Asia 2016

Do you have an existing social venture?
Or simply agreat idea to improve lives,
impact communities and drive social change?
 source: socialventurechallenge.asia

Who can participate?
There is no limit on age, nationality or number of members in a team. You are welcome to participate whether you just have an idea, or have already started a venture, as long as it has a social impact in Asia.
Participating or proposed ventures should be independent entities, meaning that they should not be a subsidiary of an existing corporation or have legal ties to a government body.
Existing non-profits can participate, however they should propose a new venturing idea or a new plan to transform their existing non-profit operation into a financially more  sustainable business.
Proposed ventures should demonstrate positive, sustainable and scalable social impact in Asia (though not exclusively).
Submissions should be the original work of the team – teams are expected to demonstrate the originality of their ideas whenever possible, or evidence of innovation.
Teams that qualify in the top 12 are required to send at least one core member to the semifinals and finals in Singapore. Financial assistance will be provided for one representative per team for teams residing outside of Singapore.
The organizers of the Challenge reserve to right to disqualify any teams that are found to have violated the spirit of the competition guidelines.
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