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Anda diarahkan pada Regulated Broker dan Berlisensi Resmi yang sesuai dengan Anda.
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Bagaimana cara kerjanya?
Anda membuka account pada salah satu Regulated Broker dan berlisensi resmi melalui service center kami dan melakukan trading. 

Broker mengambil spread atau komisi dari Anda atas jasa mereka menyediakan akses ke pasar Forex.

Broker Anda membayar kami sejumlah komisi (sebagian dari spread atau komisi di atas) atas jasa kami membawa Anda dalam memilih broker tersebut. 

Apakah spread saya dinaikkan?
Bukankah ada kemungkinan saya akan membayar lebih kepada broker, misalnya kenaikan spread atau komisi?

Tentu Tidak! 

Saat bernegosiasi dengan broker, kami sudah membuat perjanjian bahwa broker tidak boleh menaikkan spread atau komisi hanya karena Anda direferensikan oleh kami. 

Semua broker memahami jika mereka melakukan hal tersebut, mereka akan kehilangan Trader yang mana Anda bisa saja pindah ke boker lain pesaing mereka yang juga bekerjasama dengan kami.
Selanjutnya, giliran kami membayarkan kembali kepada Anda sebagian dari komisi tersebut (60~90%) sebagai terima kasih kami atas kerja sama yang terjalin.

Oleh karena itu, dengan menjadi Partner G_Gain, Anda mendapatkan beberapa keuntungan pasti sebagai berikut:

• Anda diarahkan pada Regulated Broker dan berlisensi resmi yang sesuai dengan Anda;
• Anda menaikkan tingkat keuntungan trading Anda sebesar 20%
• Anda memperoleh akses gratis ke seluruh layanan kami dan fasilitas bantuan dari ahli kami    secara berkala. 

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The Winner Dakar Rally 2014

More 4000 Km
15 Day
3 Country
New Route
New Challenge

N.R.: “I had a very good season. With Sven Qandt we agreed that I would participate in several races. I believe that to be a better approach. They are proper conditions, where we can better test the material and better prepare as driver and co-driver. And we won all the races in which we took part and that has allowed us to come to the Dakar with a certain piece of mind and a high level of confidence. It is vital when taking on a very difficult and wide-open race that his year will feature nearly 1000 more kilometers of timed sectors. For sure, I am aiming for victory. The arguments are clear: the car is good. We have improved the weight distribution. Along with Michel Perin we are a very, very good team and we will come full of confidence."

The Winner Dakar Rally 2014 [CAR]
Pos.      Name
1.       304 NANI ROMA (ESP)
3.       301 NASSER AL-ATTIYAH (QAT)

Andrey Karginov [RUS]
Andrey Mokeev [RUS]
Igor Devyatkin [RUS]
A.K.: “I felt emptiness after the finish of the Dakar 2013: "Well, that's it." All year we prepared to the Dakar, we counted days, and then it was suddenly all over. The cabin was silent; I looked at the guys who were astonished. Everyone had their own thoughts. Then we arrived at the park fermé, people greeted us, congratulated us and only at that moment you began to understand that all the dramatic twists and turns of the race had become history”.

The Winner Dakar Rally 2014 [TRUCK]
Pos.     N° Name
1.       506 ANDREY KARGINOV (RUS)
2.       501 GERARD DE ROOY (NLD)
3.       500 EDUARD NIKOLAEV (RUS)

“Having participated in all the races on this season's calendar, it all came back and more especially I have given myself what I need to return to the Dakar with the form I had before my crash in Morocco and my dislocated left shoulder. I am coming in with a lot of desire even though over the years my perspective of the rally has changed. I am competitive but the Dakar has become a very wide-open rally. You have to remain aware of this change and ride your own race and not try to control your adversaries. For sure, I want to win a 4th title. I haven't won it for a long time, but I know that it is by no means crazy to think of victory.”

The Winner Dakar Rally 2014 [BIKE]
Pos.    N° Name
1.        2         MARC COMA (ESP)
2.       4         JORDI VILADOMS (ESP)
3.       6         OLIVIER PAIN (FRA)

I.C.: “I came close to taking first place last year. And for this Dakar I have prepared 100% to improve or at least equal my good result last year and return to the podium. This season I won the Desafio Inca in Peru, the Desafio del Desierto in Chile as well as other national races in Chile. I accentuated my training in the desert with trips to Copiapo, La Serena and Viña del Mar. What troubles me on this edition are the two days in Bolivia. Because if the cars and trucks aren't going it must mean that it is a difficult terrain. In any case, you have to get on with it and have to want to do it. I think that the arrival at Valparaiso will be fantastic. In addition to the Chileans there will be many Argentineans because it is a favorite vacation destination during this time of the year.”

The Winner Dakar Rally 2014 [QUAD/ATV]
Pos.     N° Name
1.        251 IGNACIO CASALE (CHL)
2.        252 RAFAL SONIK (POL)

Semoga ada lagi Peserta atau Team dari Indonesia yang ikutan di Dakar Rally tahun depan.
Jika ada lagi Team Indonesia jadi Peserta Dakar Rally, jangan lupa yaa...
ajak-ajak Masbro, Bos, Juragan...
Salam Off Road
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